About Early Childhood PTAs

Why a PTA for parents of preschoolers?
Parents are a child’s most influential teachers during the exciting and vitally important preschool years. All parents need assistance to teach their children and to provide the support, control, protection, and stimulation that children need. We provide opportunities that will enable parents to learn to guide their children so that they may have successful social encounters and learning experiences in the precious early years.

An Early Childhood PTA is a unit of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) organized for the parents of preschool-age children, from birth through kindergarten, regardless of what school the children will eventually attend. Expectant parents are also welcome. An Early Childhood PTA need not be affiliated with a school or preschool. Parents may organize an Early Childhood PTA independently.

The purpose of an Early Childhood PTA is to help parents of Preschool-age children better understand their children via qualified resources, educational programs and sharing of experiences, and social activities. In an Early Childhood PTA, parents have the opportunity to learn what they need to know in order to provide their child the best possible start toward success in school and life.

An Early Childhood PTA may be established under the direction of the Ohio PTA through a local PTA unit or council. Occasionally, a separate associate is organized in a nursery school, kindergarten, day care center, or church. Early Childhood PTAs meet in neighborhoods, schools, homes, churches, or other community facilities on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis throughout the year to carry out business.

-TALK with other parents who have similar concerns and interests.
-LEARN from and CONSIDER old and new ideas on childhood behavior and family life.
-WEIGH and TEST these ideas through creative discussion with other parents and specialists.