About Us

North Olmsted Early Childhood PTA (NOECPTA) is a non-profit organization especially committed to enhancing the lives of children from birth to kindergarten (typically around ages 0-6) and their families. We are a member of Ohio PTA and National PTA. We provide you with the opportunity to meet other parents with similar interests and concerns as you, support your community, and participate in exciting family and adult activities.

Our general meetings are held the second Monday of each month at North Olmsted Library. Our general meetings are for conducting business and learning how to advocate for our families by listening to local speakers talk on a variety of topics. At our meetings we will follow an agenda, listen to committee updates, and even vote on a motion or two. Members can learn more about upcoming activities and volunteer opportunities to help improve our organization.

We encourage our members to get involved and offer a variety of fundraising activities and committees in which to participate including Field Trips, Adult Events, Community Outreach, and Family Parties to name a few.

Membership dues are $25 for a 2-parent family and $21 for a 1-parent family. Additional family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, caregivers) can be added on to a family membership for only $5 so that they can participate in NOECPTA activities and receive the same ticket discounts as members. Membership forms can be submitted electronically here or brought to any general membership meeting.

We also offer Partner Memberships. Membership dues are $75 for a Community Partner are $5 for a Supporting Partner. A Partner Membership is a way to show support for the North Olmsted Early Childhood PTA as an individual or a business. Partners may be an alumni member, member of the community or any one who has an interest in enriching the lives of children. The role of a partner is to support the efforts of the NOECPTA through promoting awareness, by being informed about our organization, and financially, through membership dues. Unlike our family memberships, partners do not attend field trips, family parties and adult events. Partners may be invited to exclusive events during the year or assist with fundraising and service efforts, if interested. Partners may attend and vote at general meetings.

If you have any questions regarding membership with our organization, please feel free to contact us here. We hope to see you at our next meeting!